A Very Short Poem

Inspiration, inspiration, what shall we say?
We search and we read and we waste our day.
We allow other people to seal our fate,
When honestly, that person probably made the mistake,
Of trying to do what no man can do,
Giving advice like he lives in your shoes.
So look no further than the depths of your heart,
And listen to the thoughts that you’ve had from the start.
For you are your own body, own soul, and own mind,
So inspire, inspire yourself all the time.

Michael Burrow


Life; A Contraption

Life is a beautiful contraption,
A marvelous attraction,
The flow of the wind and the song of the trees,
The stars in the sky and the buzz of the bees,
The children laughing and the teenagers rebelling,
The adults stressing out and the old people selling
Their dreams and their stories of back in the day,
Taking for granted the friends they have made.

See life is a contraption, this is true you see,
For the gears and the bolts are of a complex degree,
However, there is one simple adaption,
The major interlocking of this complex contraption.
Besides the iron and the robotic structures,
The heart holds us up and strengthens and nurtures.
For we are all people, all complex and free,
Our heart branches through us like coral in the sea,
So live life and love and watch it spread,
Entangling the earth and filling your head.
For life is complex, but simple you see,
It pours out of our hearts into you and me.

Saturday Stop Motion

Stop motion is easily one of my favorite forms of creativity. Anything is possible… everything is possible. We can take a dream, a nightmare, or just use pure imagination and bring it to life for all to see.

For instance, if you want to bring a wooden model to life, you certainly can do it!

Or…if you just want to make an animation about magic water, you can!

This art form is so fascinating to me. It brings objects to life, which changes my outlook on life. I often find myself looking at objects around my house or outside, wondering what they would be doing if they were able to live. This has inspired me to try my first stop motion film! I had a blast thinking up ideas for this, so maybe you will enjoy it. There will certainly be more to come.

Thanks everyone for reading. Love you guys.

Society; The Complexity

Complex does not even begin to describe the way our society works. How we, humans, creatures, interact. How we assume roles, positions, personalities. How we judge, act out, think. We are certainly odd creations, we are different, and we take that for granted.

We were thrown onto this earth, sent to indulge in a life where we are uncertain of everything. Since the beginning of mankind, rules have been set. Certain rules that, for some reason, we follow throughout our lives. What makes them right? 

For example, let’s say that in the beginning of time, men decided that it was “manly” to wear dresses, makeup, and carry bags to hold all of their completely useful, yet useless things. Also, women began to wear t-shirts and blue jeans, becoming less concerned with their femininity. Would it be a common or natural thing today for these same ideals to occur? I think that since the beginning, we have become accustomed and forced to believe in what is normal. Everything else is looked down upon because it is “out of the ordinary” or “odd”. I just want to know who set these rules, and I constantly wonder how it all began.

I also find myself laughing at humanity, because of the acting. Right, I believe that life is one big theater production, and we all assume a role. Let’s use royalty as an example. This person is born into a family that just so happens to be seen by society as “royalty”. They are not any different than the rest of us, other than the fact that we change a few words around, give them a title, and assume that they are greater than we are. If you truly think about this, you will realize how amazing it is. This royal person is just a normal person, but we say ONE word and all of a sudden they are magnificent, rich, powerful, and we become followers. 

We are all human beings. No matter what religion you believe in, if any at all, we all come from the same place. If you get anything out of reading this, I just hope you begin to realize what life is truly about. Everyone is different. Just because they do not dress like you, or act like you, doesn’t make them weird or wrong. In fact, no one really knows what “weird” or “wrong” is, because there are no set rules that we have to abide by when it comes to this. Try to think outside of society’s “normal” beliefs, think outside of the fashion trends and the assumptions, think outside of yourself. Just be you. No one is greater than you are.


Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake…Baker’s man.
Bake me a cake as fast as you can;
Burn it, and drop it, and throw it at a tree,
And that should be sufficient for little old me.

Not what you expected? Well, I can’t lie. A few days ago I tried baking cookies for the very first time. Actually, that was the first time I had ever baked anything.

I entered the grocery store, fueled by the excitement of baking chocolate chip cookies. For me, this is a rite of passage, a major milestone in my life. I am 20 years old, finally using my oven. (Some of you may think this is sad, but I am quite inept in the field of bakeries, which is why I stay away). I stroll up and down the aisle, pushing a cart and observing the packages of cookie mix as if I am some sort of professional. “Aha!” I yelped as I found the perfect pack, “One egg, a stick of butter, and this mix is all I need…..how easy.” If only I knew then how difficult it would actually be.

Oh, the horror. I will never bake cookies again. I much prefer store-bought. My next project is cake.
Actually, I lied.
I am cake’s next project.

Peanut butter and bacon

They came up with a plan,
A brave idea at least.
A mix of odd flavors,
So that we all could feast.

They mixed and mashed and mingled,
Until it was complete.
Oh, how they were excited,
To have accomplished such a feat.

‘Twas something I won’t forget,
So foul it had me shakin’.
Sonic’s new ice cream flavor:
Peanut butter and bacon.

This poem was inspired by my most recent trip to Sonic, a milkshake/ice cream/food place for those of you who are not familiar. I arrived a few hours ago, in search of a milkshake that would satisfy me and my need for sugary goodness. Little did I know, they have added 20 something new flavors that were HALF OFF tonight. I LEAPED with joy as soon as I spotted the sign (receiving slightly odd looks). I’m used to that. However, I scrolled through the flavors, drooling out of the corner of my mouth with an evil glare, fidgeting. I could feel my taste buds tingling, oh how excited they were to be soon covered in creamy milkshake.

I noticed something that seemed to be a little out of place. As I was reading through the flavors, ‘peanut butter and fudge, peanut butter and banana, peanut butter and bacon…’ WHAT?! PEANUT BUTTER AND BACON?! I have to try this! Yes, good idea, be adventurous, try all of the things! I pressed the button, placed my order, and sat quietly, dreaming of my milkshake. As soon as it arrived, I ripped open the straw cover and slurped and slurped and slurped, very quickly realizing that I had made a horrid mistake. It was repulsive. First, a heavenly taste of peanut butter, then a warm chunk of bacon, crunching as it goes through the straw and sticking to every part of my tooth. How embarrassed I was, how ashamed to be seen ordering and drinking such an abomination to man-kind. I will never, ever again look back at this moment. I will soon block it out completely, to always forget the day I tasted…..peanut butter and bacon.

Stress: A conflict of our human minds

Stress, a six letter word that ruins lives. Six letters that form one word which often sums up the entirety of a human being. I’m sick of it, to be honest with you.

For me, it’s a constant battle between good and evil, evil being stress. I often tell myself, “Don’t worry about these tests, in the end none of this will matter.” After that, it’s almost a sudden relief. All of the tension that has been building up cowers in fear and relinquishes it’s strong hold on my muscles, vanishing into thin air, and I can breathe again. The sun is finally out, temporarily.

But one simple thought enters my mind and the tension is back. “I have a test tomorrow!”, “I need to do well in school, I need to get a good job!” I’m back to my old self again. Worrying constantly about every small detail. I swear, my hair is already turning white.

I just want to know what causes this stress. It seems easy for some people to live a blissful life, not letting anything bother them. Are they really not stressed? Or are they just better at hiding it? This question really annoys me. It seems, however, that I am able to escape this stress in several ways. For me, it’s piano. Art. Reading. Stars. We all have our form of escape, if only we could live in a constant state of escape. Freedom from gravity, that keeps us grounded. If only that temporary high that we feel from engaging ourselves in what we love could stay forever. But it’s only temporary.

Just think. Life is short. Today, we are here, we are unhappy. Tomorrow, we are gone. Live your life as though you are in that constant state of being care-free, like you were when you were a child playing outside in the green grass. Find the one thing that makes you happy, and live it. Because if you do, today you will be here, happy. And tomorrow will be another day.

I wrote this song to try to capture the emotions that we feel daily. It’s a mixture of happy and sad, positive and negative. Ambivalence. If you enjoy the song, follow the link and check out more of my other music, hopefully it will help.