Mental Meltdown

This is somewhat of a mental rant. So, to prepare you for this, please press play on the intense music video and resume reading.

That’s better.

I am currently a sophomore in college. This being said, I’m somewhat of a professional at breaking down during finals week. I procrastinate and procrastinate, eat, sleep, procrastinate some more, then STRESS. Tomorrow, I have two finals, and instead of studying to prepare myself, I’m blogging about being stressed. Makes sense, right? My problem, shared with millions of other people. is that after this week I will be done with school until January. Which means, I get an entire month to do absolutely nothing. Oh, how heavenly that will be. So let’s take a turn for the better. Instead of filling my mind with stress, I’m going to think of all of the happy things in my life right now. Pause the video if it is still playing, and press play on this next one:

Now, I want everyone to stand up, relax, and LET GO! Dance, run around your house, and smile.

Feel better?

I know I do. I’m going to ace my finals. Then, I’m going to have the most amazing Christmas break ever. I’m going to enjoy my life, because it’s too short to stress over the small things. We are golden, and we are all beautiful.

Have a wonderful night, people.


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