Life…. this confusing, dreamlike, awkward thing that we are forced to float through every day. Wondering, hoping, acting.

We wonder what our purpose is. Why we’re here, what will happen in the afterlife. Nobody knows. We wonder how we will make it from day to day, who we will meet, where we will go. I just wonder why we wonder so much. Why do we rely on questions that we can not answer? We’ve been thrown into these bodies that we were not able to choose. We’ve been placed into a family, and we had no say. We’re here, and that’s all we know, so why do we wonder? The only thing that I want to wonder is how many lives I will touch throughout my journey.

We hope. We hope that we acquire the fanciest jobs and become famous. We hope that we make the best grades in school so that we can brag about how fast we can solve equations. I don’t want that. I want to be creative, I want to solve my own equation, which is my life. I don’t want to be a follower or a pupil of one that teaches what has already been taught. I want to inspire, love, and produce new ideas. All that I want to hope for is a healthy heart. 

We act. Yes, we are all masters of this art. We fake our way throughout our day to try to please the masses of society. We play dress up, trying to fit into a role that humans have created. School? Sure, I’ll go, because it is what I have to do. Work? Sure, I’ll go, because it is what I have to do. Money? Sure, I’ll make it, because I have to. I don’t want this. I want to live a free life, one where I can do what I enjoy, laugh every single day, and focus on my own perspective in life rather than pleasing others. The only thing I want to act is myself.

But I’ll continue to follow the rules of society. I will continue to feel pressured to live a miserable life, where I am controlled by false hope and money. Because I am scared to run away. So, be my manipulator. I’ll continue to be your marionette.


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