Peanut butter and bacon

They came up with a plan,
A brave idea at least.
A mix of odd flavors,
So that we all could feast.

They mixed and mashed and mingled,
Until it was complete.
Oh, how they were excited,
To have accomplished such a feat.

‘Twas something I won’t forget,
So foul it had me shakin’.
Sonic’s new ice cream flavor:
Peanut butter and bacon.

This poem was inspired by my most recent trip to Sonic, a milkshake/ice cream/food place for those of you who are not familiar. I arrived a few hours ago, in search of a milkshake that would satisfy me and my need for sugary goodness. Little did I know, they have added 20 something new flavors that were HALF OFF tonight. I LEAPED with joy as soon as I spotted the sign (receiving slightly odd looks). I’m used to that. However, I scrolled through the flavors, drooling out of the corner of my mouth with an evil glare, fidgeting. I could feel my taste buds tingling, oh how excited they were to be soon covered in creamy milkshake.

I noticed something that seemed to be a little out of place. As I was reading through the flavors, ‘peanut butter and fudge, peanut butter and banana, peanut butter and bacon…’ WHAT?! PEANUT BUTTER AND BACON?! I have to try this! Yes, good idea, be adventurous, try all of the things! I pressed the button, placed my order, and sat quietly, dreaming of my milkshake. As soon as it arrived, I ripped open the straw cover and slurped and slurped and slurped, very quickly realizing that I had made a horrid mistake. It was repulsive. First, a heavenly taste of peanut butter, then a warm chunk of bacon, crunching as it goes through the straw and sticking to every part of my tooth. How embarrassed I was, how ashamed to be seen ordering and drinking such an abomination to man-kind. I will never, ever again look back at this moment. I will soon block it out completely, to always forget the day I tasted…..peanut butter and bacon.


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