Life; A Contraption

Life is a beautiful contraption,
A marvelous attraction,
The flow of the wind and the song of the trees,
The stars in the sky and the buzz of the bees,
The children laughing and the teenagers rebelling,
The adults stressing out and the old people selling
Their dreams and their stories of back in the day,
Taking for granted the friends they have made.

See life is a contraption, this is true you see,
For the gears and the bolts are of a complex degree,
However, there is one simple adaption,
The major interlocking of this complex contraption.
Besides the iron and the robotic structures,
The heart holds us up and strengthens and nurtures.
For we are all people, all complex and free,
Our heart branches through us like coral in the sea,
So live life and love and watch it spread,
Entangling the earth and filling your head.
For life is complex, but simple you see,
It pours out of our hearts into you and me.


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