A Very Short Poem

Inspiration, inspiration, what shall we say?
We search and we read and we waste our day.
We allow other people to seal our fate,
When honestly, that person probably made the mistake,
Of trying to do what no man can do,
Giving advice like he lives in your shoes.
So look no further than the depths of your heart,
And listen to the thoughts that you’ve had from the start.
For you are your own body, own soul, and own mind,
So inspire, inspire yourself all the time.

Michael Burrow


Life; A Contraption

Life is a beautiful contraption,
A marvelous attraction,
The flow of the wind and the song of the trees,
The stars in the sky and the buzz of the bees,
The children laughing and the teenagers rebelling,
The adults stressing out and the old people selling
Their dreams and their stories of back in the day,
Taking for granted the friends they have made.

See life is a contraption, this is true you see,
For the gears and the bolts are of a complex degree,
However, there is one simple adaption,
The major interlocking of this complex contraption.
Besides the iron and the robotic structures,
The heart holds us up and strengthens and nurtures.
For we are all people, all complex and free,
Our heart branches through us like coral in the sea,
So live life and love and watch it spread,
Entangling the earth and filling your head.
For life is complex, but simple you see,
It pours out of our hearts into you and me.


Life…. this confusing, dreamlike, awkward thing that we are forced to float through every day. Wondering, hoping, acting.

We wonder what our purpose is. Why we’re here, what will happen in the afterlife. Nobody knows. We wonder how we will make it from day to day, who we will meet, where we will go. I just wonder why we wonder so much. Why do we rely on questions that we can not answer? We’ve been thrown into these bodies that we were not able to choose. We’ve been placed into a family, and we had no say. We’re here, and that’s all we know, so why do we wonder? The only thing that I want to wonder is how many lives I will touch throughout my journey.

We hope. We hope that we acquire the fanciest jobs and become famous. We hope that we make the best grades in school so that we can brag about how fast we can solve equations. I don’t want that. I want to be creative, I want to solve my own equation, which is my life. I don’t want to be a follower or a pupil of one that teaches what has already been taught. I want to inspire, love, and produce new ideas. All that I want to hope for is a healthy heart. 

We act. Yes, we are all masters of this art. We fake our way throughout our day to try to please the masses of society. We play dress up, trying to fit into a role that humans have created. School? Sure, I’ll go, because it is what I have to do. Work? Sure, I’ll go, because it is what I have to do. Money? Sure, I’ll make it, because I have to. I don’t want this. I want to live a free life, one where I can do what I enjoy, laugh every single day, and focus on my own perspective in life rather than pleasing others. The only thing I want to act is myself.

But I’ll continue to follow the rules of society. I will continue to feel pressured to live a miserable life, where I am controlled by false hope and money. Because I am scared to run away. So, be my manipulator. I’ll continue to be your marionette.

New Years Music Suggestion

This New Years, many people will make long-term commitments to change who they are. Many people will set their resolutions and pursue their goals and dreams. Many people, for that small glimpse of time while the ball counts down minute by minute, will look back at the year of 2012 and remember the good times and the bad times. There is an indescribable feeling of hope, love, and a voice inside our head that will say, ‘we did it, we made it through the year stronger than ever’. For a moment in time, the world is united by one thought, a new year. How amazing it is to think that for one moment, something so simple as a new year can make the world forget what is happening within the world. We throw away our fear, our troubles, and war is not thought of. We open up to the idea of love and peace, and we smile at those who are around us. It is a bond between human beings that is impenetrable. We…for one small portion of time…are equal.

If there is one thing that I want you all to consider while writing out your resolutions, it’s that you are all beautiful already. You are beautiful in your faults and in your abilities. You mistakes are beautiful, and your character is beautiful. Be who you are this new year. 2013 is the year for change, and you will lead the way.

Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars (cover by The Piano Guys)

Hope you enjoy

Life as I know it

I’ve always wondered what life would be like if I could read someone else’s mind. I could solve all of the unanswered questions,  I could figure out the real them. It’d be interesting to see what people think, because I can almost 100% guarantee you the way they’re acting on the outside isn’t how they act on the inside.

mind reading

Kind of like how the despicable high school bully, who picks on everyone and everything that is different, ends up being gay.

Or how the extremely successful business man, with all the fame and fortune he could imagine, hates his life.

It kills me how fake people make themselves out to be, trying to conform to a nonexistent society of people who are all the same. When in reality, everyone just wants to be themselves. So why don’t we all give it a try?


I’m going to save you the hassle of trying to possess a power that we will never be able to possess, and allow you into my mind just for a few minutes.

I’m the type of person that grew up scared to death to be myself. I tried so hard, every day, to fit in with every group of kids. I would act like a big buff jock and date all of the prettiest girls, I would go home and lie about how amazing my day was, then I would lay in my bed thinking about how life would be if I just let go of the act.


Honestly, I was terrified. I thought, if I show my parents what kind of person I really am, they will disown me. My friends will think I’m a weirdo, and I’ll be all alone. Man, if only I could go back in time and tell myself to be yourself! I would have been able to accept life so much easier.

Today, I just don’t even care what people think about me. I’m weird as hell, and that’s perfectly fine with me. I cry during romantic movies, I cry when someone kills bugs, heck…. I just cry. I’m sensitive, I’m emotional, and I’m fun. I dance with my friends around campus and I say crazy things. Most of all, I’m open-minded towards literally everything. In high school, I used to have to act like I hated anything that wasn’t popular. Now, if you’re gay, straight, bisexual, pansexual, anti-religious, cross-gender, or whatever way you want to categorize yourself, I think that’s great. Be diverse, because the world could certainly use diversity.

don't follow the crowd

Well, that’s me in a nutshell. I hope you enjoyed being able to read minds. I just want people to know that staying locked up inside your own mind will eventually come back to haunt you. Voice your opinions, stand up for those around you who are being bullied, and love everyone for who they are. We’re all human beings after all, spinning around on an odd circular rock in a sea of blackness full of other circular rocks. Why do we allow the popular people around us to dictate the way we live our lives? Can they really be that important? Life’s too short for that.

From the great lyrics of Audioslave, “Being yourself is all that you can do.”

I find this to be completely true these days.

Be yourself, and watch how many great opportunities open up in your life.