Stress: A conflict of our human minds

Stress, a six letter word that ruins lives. Six letters that form one word which often sums up the entirety of a human being. I’m sick of it, to be honest with you.

For me, it’s a constant battle between good and evil, evil being stress. I often tell myself, “Don’t worry about these tests, in the end none of this will matter.” After that, it’s almost a sudden relief. All of the tension that has been building up cowers in fear and relinquishes it’s strong hold on my muscles, vanishing into thin air, and I can breathe again. The sun is finally out, temporarily.

But one simple thought enters my mind and the tension is back. “I have a test tomorrow!”, “I need to do well in school, I need to get a good job!” I’m back to my old self again. Worrying constantly about every small detail. I swear, my hair is already turning white.

I just want to know what causes this stress. It seems easy for some people to live a blissful life, not letting anything bother them. Are they really not stressed? Or are they just better at hiding it? This question really annoys me. It seems, however, that I am able to escape this stress in several ways. For me, it’s piano. Art. Reading. Stars. We all have our form of escape, if only we could live in a constant state of escape. Freedom from gravity, that keeps us grounded. If only that temporary high that we feel from engaging ourselves in what we love could stay forever. But it’s only temporary.

Just think. Life is short. Today, we are here, we are unhappy. Tomorrow, we are gone. Live your life as though you are in that constant state of being care-free, like you were when you were a child playing outside in the green grass. Find the one thing that makes you happy, and live it. Because if you do, today you will be here, happy. And tomorrow will be another day.

I wrote this song to try to capture the emotions that we feel daily. It’s a mixture of happy and sad, positive and negative. Ambivalence. If you enjoy the song, follow the link and check out more of my other music, hopefully it will help.



Music Suggestion Day 6

I’ve grown fond of several bands lately, particularly Imagine Dragons. There’s just a certain style that they have with their chilling lyrics, and calm yet powerful sound, that has me listening to them almost constantly. So, the song that I’m requesting to you guys tonight is called Round and Round, by Imagine Dragons.

I hope you all like it, and definitely go check out some of their other music, it’s equally awesome.

I also hope you all have a fantastic weekend, you deserve the break!

Mental Meltdown

This is somewhat of a mental rant. So, to prepare you for this, please press play on the intense music video and resume reading.

That’s better.

I am currently a sophomore in college. This being said, I’m somewhat of a professional at breaking down during finals week. I procrastinate and procrastinate, eat, sleep, procrastinate some more, then STRESS. Tomorrow, I have two finals, and instead of studying to prepare myself, I’m blogging about being stressed. Makes sense, right? My problem, shared with millions of other people. is that after this week I will be done with school until January. Which means, I get an entire month to do absolutely nothing. Oh, how heavenly that will be. So let’s take a turn for the better. Instead of filling my mind with stress, I’m going to think of all of the happy things in my life right now. Pause the video if it is still playing, and press play on this next one:

Now, I want everyone to stand up, relax, and LET GO! Dance, run around your house, and smile.

Feel better?

I know I do. I’m going to ace my finals. Then, I’m going to have the most amazing Christmas break ever. I’m going to enjoy my life, because it’s too short to stress over the small things. We are golden, and we are all beautiful.

Have a wonderful night, people.