Society; The Complexity

Complex does not even begin to describe the way our society works. How we, humans, creatures, interact. How we assume roles, positions, personalities. How we judge, act out, think. We are certainly odd creations, we are different, and we take that for granted.

We were thrown onto this earth, sent to indulge in a life where we are uncertain of everything. Since the beginning of mankind, rules have been set. Certain rules that, for some reason, we follow throughout our lives. What makes them right? 

For example, let’s say that in the beginning of time, men decided that it was “manly” to wear dresses, makeup, and carry bags to hold all of their completely useful, yet useless things. Also, women began to wear t-shirts and blue jeans, becoming less concerned with their femininity. Would it be a common or natural thing today for these same ideals to occur? I think that since the beginning, we have become accustomed and forced to believe in what is normal. Everything else is looked down upon because it is “out of the ordinary” or “odd”. I just want to know who set these rules, and I constantly wonder how it all began.

I also find myself laughing at humanity, because of the acting. Right, I believe that life is one big theater production, and we all assume a role. Let’s use royalty as an example. This person is born into a family that just so happens to be seen by society as “royalty”. They are not any different than the rest of us, other than the fact that we change a few words around, give them a title, and assume that they are greater than we are. If you truly think about this, you will realize how amazing it is. This royal person is just a normal person, but we say ONE word and all of a sudden they are magnificent, rich, powerful, and we become followers. 

We are all human beings. No matter what religion you believe in, if any at all, we all come from the same place. If you get anything out of reading this, I just hope you begin to realize what life is truly about. Everyone is different. Just because they do not dress like you, or act like you, doesn’t make them weird or wrong. In fact, no one really knows what “weird” or “wrong” is, because there are no set rules that we have to abide by when it comes to this. Try to think outside of society’s “normal” beliefs, think outside of the fashion trends and the assumptions, think outside of yourself. Just be you. No one is greater than you are.


Music Suggestion Day 2

same love

Sundays are days for thinking. I tend to think deeply about issues going on today. If there’s one thing that enters my mind more than anything else, it’s marriage equality. I generally dislike non-tolerance for people who want to live their own lives. We cannot dictate how they live, and just because someone is living differently than you doesn’t make them wrong. It’s not a choice.

Here’s a song that displays a message for fighting for marriage equality, hope you enjoy it:

Overall Purpose

I’ve decided to create this blog because I understand the importance of having a place to go to unwind. A place to go to read, become inspired, and honestly…to get away from life. Which is why I want to incorporate some of my favorite things into this blog that always help me through the day. Art, music, books, and general things that make you think, “wow, life really is beautiful.” I want this to be a place you can visit and stay for hours, whether it be because of discussion or the variety of art and music that will be shared on this page. Enjoy yourselves.